13/01/19 (16.11)
Jill Eagleton, Yelverton, Devon, UK
Had my first Doberman in 1979. His sire was Arkturus Valan's Choice. 3 rescue Dobies after him. Will always love them.
01/04/16 (18.39)
Natalie Williams Price, Cheltenham, UK
My love affair with Dobermanns started with a Keyala in 1995. My Meg, Keyalas Kandy Diana,12 yrs 8 mth . My Angel x
22/02/16 (18.06)
Lisa, UK
Hi Debbie, I used to swim my Staff Nikki at your pool in Roydon. Sorry to hear of Ice passing. Best Wishes Lisa
08/01/16 (07.33)
Christian, Dobermannseite, Goeppingen, Germany
Hello Debbie, Your site is great, and your dogs are very beautiful! Best wishes
25/10/15 (12.10)
Lee Wyllie, Vancouver BC, Canada
I've had such a hard time with the sudden loss of my beloved Dobie Madeline - thank you for your poems.
27/02/15 (21.01)
Anne & Trvor, UK
Harry du Wot A Thriller:  We've got him and we love him. The most loving dobe we have had. Number eight. Good looker but even nicer natured.  He is a credit.
27/11/13 (11.56)
Carol Setford, Northampton England
Stunningly beautiful dobes in your gallery, a real pleasure to see such good looking dogs
01/10/13 (11.56)
Gail Walker, GreyBoyz, UK
An absolute pleasure looking through your website...your Dobe's are Stunning!!! Have always admired this breed!
11/05/11 (20.39)
jprickett, Northampton, UK
Hi We bought Keyala Wot Hamina back in 05...he is doing great ! He has a really muscular build !
What a geat dog he is !...
21/04/11 (18:42)
Cheryl & Gerry, Larsson, Belgium
Congratulations on all your successes in the shows! So many champions...
01/04/11 (15:01)
Cheryl & Gerry, Larsson, Belgium
Just to let you know Larsson is growing up fast and is a loving and very handsome boy!!...
21/03/11 (13:17)
Wendy and Ian Birch, Greyvalley UK
Hi Debbie, Just to let you know that Josh (Keyala\'s Firejet) had his 14th birthday back in November and is still lovely!   ...
24/02/11 (13:17)
Paula, Toret's Tycoon Hoeve Netherlands
Great site! Awesome dobers! Like your pup giovanna a lot! ;) Kind regards, Paula & dobers  ...
02/01/11 (12:30)
Stuart/Wendy, keyala wot rurik UK
Hi Debbie, just to let you know Ruby \"Rurik\" is doing fine. He has a very large Muscular build which everyone comments on ...
11/12/10 (22:40)
Katia & Pascal AVANNIER, Vendée/FRANCE
Merci pour les grands moments d\'émotion et de bonheur que nous partageons avec Fanta depuis bientôt + de 10 mois. Bizzz...
09/12/10 (13:18)
George Corneille, Lilasong, Ireland
Super dogs, great site. I loved looking at the pedigrees..brought back some wonderful memories of some great dogs ...
26/04/10 (20:07)
Claudine.Grudé,  Normandie, Orne/France
Bonjour, je vois que vous êtes toujours fidèle aux concours avec de très bons résultats et surtout de beaux chiens A+ ...
02/04/10 (17:13)
Tatiana Chistilina,  Filimamont, Moscow
Forgot to wish many nice girls :-))))))) ...
02/04/10 (17:11)
Tatiana Chistilina,  Filimamont, Moscow
01/04/10 (09:32)
It was great seeing you at the weekend and Biggest congrats on your big win. They all looked stunning as usual. xx ...
08/03/10 (21:07)
Toni & Ángela,  Gilgamesh Dobermann, Spain
Hi, You have a very nice website and very nice dogs too. See you early. Best wishes ...
07/03/10 (03:50)
Nikole,  Quito, Ecuador
oute ma vie, ma famillie et moi avons ete l´amant de chien doberman, je serais ravie d´appartenir á son associaton...
17/02/10 (18:56)
Tatiana Chistilina,  Filimamont, Russia
Hi Debbie & Dean! Congratulations with the two interesting litters! Wish much milk & health to the Moms and pups!...
23/01/10 (15:26)
Karen Scott, zaffarella Dobermanns, Scotland

love your website.. what fantastic looking dogs you have..all the best with your new puppys...
19/12/09 (22:35)
Tracy & Stephen, UK

Fantastic dogs. We are the proud owners of Betterjim Phoebe (kara). Hank and Keyalas sweet dream's daughter. ...
17/11/09 (09:53)
Margaret Young, Malibray, Scotland

Love your website, and your dogs are stunning, and have fell in love with your Stallion !...
10/09/09 (18:12)
Black Jax, Norway

Thank u for good company and hope to see u both next year. The horse for sale is STUNNING...
21/08/09 (00:10)
Jay, Aritaur, UK

You got it updated at last. Still adore that luscious brown puppy girl! See you soon Jay ...
16/07/09 (20:00)
Marija, www.dobermannbusterbiw.in.rs,
Very nice web site and lovely dogs. Best regards,Marija  ...
15/07/09 (07:33)
Simone, www.grandenoblesse.com

Hi Dean and Debby, Hope you and your dogs are all right! Enjoyed talking to you again in Holland. Wish you all the best! ...
26/06/09 (11:51)
Shawn Duffy-Feller, greybull, wyoming
Beautiful dogs....my mother was the owner of Ch. Ragnar V. Ahrtal.  ...
25/06/09 (22:46)
dawn, fireball, essex (i.o.w)
Dear deb. i will like to tell you how i loved keyalas fire ball so much. thank you for being the mum he never forgot....
19/06/09 (02:18)
denise, khazaddum dobermanns ivingston scotland
hi their just been on your web site what lovely dogs keep up the good work all the best for the future x...
21/05/09 (20:53)
drew goodall, www.bellevuedobermankennel.com
great website, lovely dogs, all the best for the future ...
05/02/09 (11:33)
John Lewin, Norfolk England
Very Helpful Website, you have some lovely dogs.
We own 2 male dobies and love the breed...
03/02/09 (23:33)
Fernando Cuesta, www.dobermannfercus.com, España
Hello. Congratulacions on your excellente website. You have very beautiful dogs...
02/02/09 (20:56)
Alan Law, Hong Kong
It was really nice to visit you and your dogs. You made
two excellent litters. Keep going.
I hope all in good future...
24/01/09 (01:01)
Fiona Dufffy, Montess, United States
am the owner of Ch.Ragnar Vom Ahrtal. I owned 3 of Tess Hensler's "kids" I would like more info on your "Thriller" dog...
14/01/09 (18:59)
Milan, www.continental-bulls.de, Germany
Hello, nice website and beautiful Dobermanns.
Wish you all the best for the future...
02/01/09 (17:58)
Christian et Sandrine, Planquais, Eure 
Lo debbie and dean, on vs souhaite une bonne année a vs deux et a tres bientot sur le ring avec Carlita. bye bye!!...
09/09/08 (11:44)
alain lecomte , al-dobermann, dubai/newmarket

Hello .. beautifull dog...
01/07/08 (14:10)
Sabine Keller, Mönchengladbach/Germany

Hi Debbie and Dean, we met together last weekend in Hamburg. I hope your thriller-travel have found a good end.  Sabine...
04/06/08 (17:10)
Linda Parke, Veldtkammer, UK

Hi All Hope you are all well and the dogs and Horses are good, love the new youngsters, hope to see you soon.
Linda xx...
14/04/08 (13:18)
aurélie et alex, domaine de louxor, france

hello debbie and dean , how are you ??? congratulations for your dobbies , vous etes super sympa . aurélie et alex...
03/04/08 (19:18)
Tatiana Chistilina, Filimamont, Moscow/Russia

Happy Birthday to Ice from Djushka as well !!!! :)))) ...
12/03/08 (14:22)
Tatiana Chistilina, Filimamont, Moscow/Russia

My congratulations to the great success of Ice\'s son at Crufts-2008! Happy to learn that Ice became Ch.of Spain! ...
25/02/08 (10:18)
Anja, faelyssa-finasia.de.vu, Germany

Hello very nice site and also nice dogs. We wish you all the best for the future. Best regards from Anja...
04/02/08 (16:03)
Boulogne Marie,
Du Val Saint Esprit, France
Bonjour, Félicitations pour ce très joli site et surtout vos magnifiques dobies. Marie...

27/01/08 (20:37)
Hendrik en Tinie Dekker, www.van-eysingastate.nl
, Netherlands
Very nice website and beautiful pictures. We wish you many luck and happiness with your dogs! ...
28/12/07 (08:48)
Sylwia Salmanowicz, Elite House
, Poland
H ours of happy times with friends and family
A bundant time for relaxation
P rosperity
P lenty of love when you need it the most
Y outhful excitement at lifes simple pleasures

N ights of restful slumber (you know - don't worry be happy)
E verything you need
W ishing you love and light

Y ears and years of good health
E njoyment and mirth
A ngels to watch over you
R embrances of a happy years! ...
18/12/07 (01:26)
Debi, Nightflight.piczo.com
, Canada
Hi, I just taped the ears today on the little girl Vida that you sold here to Canada... she is a very sweet puppy...
09/12/07 (15:56)
Criadero Dobermann Fercusa
, Spain
Excellent dogs and great site. Thanks for this, Criadero Dobermann Fercus http://www.dobermannfercus.com...
28/11/07 (03:43)
Marlene and Carlos, Toronto, Canada

Thank you so much for our STUNNING and well rounded Vida, aka Carmela. We hope to get her out and showing in 2008...
23/11/07 (22:55)
Bryn Keely, Kerynalgwynn, UK

Well Guys. Thank you so much for looking after Icaro, and starting his show career in Europe with Wins. HE WILL RETURN...
06/11/07 (18:05)
Michael Peat, Newcastle England

We have just bought a doberman called Kyonian Thunder ...Schnupps' son...
28/10/07 (19:29)
Jo Day and Matt West, Izumis, Kent England

Debbie as always your dogs are stunning. Scotland seems a life time ago! Your Arabian stallion is breathtaking....
13/10/07 (18:26)
Jelena & Ivan, Izrafel Kennel, Belgrade

We have enjoyed the vist to your site. All the best, www.izrafel.com....
08/10/07 (21:47)
Carole & Alberto, Dobermanns de Rizzi, Mallorca, Spain

Congratulations on your site and your dogs.
Best regards from Mallorca....
08/10/07 (21:47)
antonn, v/d Happy hoeve, holland

nice very nice site....
07/10/07 (09:35)
stéphanie passion, Della passionata prop:Gemini gino di altobello, france

J\'adore le type de vos dobs. Résultat oblige.Un bon \"cru\" pour la France. Félicitations p.s : I love ICE....
03/10/07 (18:57)
bordu, philippe et agnes, france

tres joli site the best site tres bien actualise et en plus les eleveurs les plus sympa du royaume uni.....
01/10/07 (16:59)

28/09/07 (19:59)
Tatiana Chistilina, Filimamont, Moscow-Russia

Hello, I\'m very happy about Ice\'s summer success at shows & wish your new pups from Ursula & Ice to be super!!.....
27/09/07 (00:48)
Peki/Sada House Dobermanns, Serbia/Germany

Hello together we want to wish you all the best with your new litter, we also expect our litter from Fedor & Ruby Altobel.....
24/09/07 (18:17)
Silvia Grimm, Germany

Hello, great Site and very good Dogs, best wishes, Silvia and Poodles. http://www.silvias-pudel.de.....
23/09/07 (11:23)
Sabine, zu Schloss Burgk, Germany

Hello , very nice site - but the Dobs are beautiful! I wish you for the puppies and all the best.....
21/09/07 (18:02)
Desy, Vanlinberg, N.Ireland

Hi Debbie & Dean, Hope you are both keeping well. The dogs are looking good. Pups look very nice.....
06/09/07 (21:36)
Kasia, www.destinys-child.co.uk, UK/PL

Hi there! This is what I like the most I found here: strong, beautiful dobes. Best regards! Kasia :).....
30/08/07 (22:21)
Luke Wicks,
Beautiful dogs, I have myself a chocolate/ tan called Echo. Ice is beautiful.....
26/08/07 (18:24)
Caroline, England

Congrats on your new kennel name - its great!!!! and many more wins your way....
26/08/07 (18:22)
John, Durins, England

Hi Guys just to say congratulations on your new kennel name - cool ! god bless....
17/04/06 (10:06)
Myriam, Gansta Pride, France

Hi, I'm proud to have so wonderful neighbours in Normandy !! Your dogs are great and I'm looking forward to see your hydrotherapy centre !!! I'm looking for one for few months already. I wish you lot of success Myriam....
26/03/06 (18:00)
President of the Fan's Club of Mister Hank, Del Palazzo di Shanta, France

Congratulations for the EXC results of your Wonderful BOY! Bravissimo Mr Hank! Patty....
22/03/06 (12:21)
lolotte, France

your dogs are very beautiful congratulations !....
21/03/06 (12:32)
Rhian Lewis and Geraint Evans , Adamoci  Uk

You have a great website and some very beautiful dogs, I admire your super work. Keep it up. All the best for in 2006 from all at Adamoci....
06/02/06 (09:36)
Ali Alp, uk dobermann, Essex Uk

Hi, good luck from www.ukdobermann.com....
05/02/06 (10:24)
Dominika, Massima-Apologeta, Poland

Hello!!! You have really beautiful dogs and your homepage is wonderful. I wish you a lot of luck and success for this year in showing, breeding and working. Best greetings from Poland ....
24/01/06 (18:14)
Sabine, Zu Schloss Burgk,
Hello , super - a great work with your dobs!!! I wish you and your dobs alle the best. best regards Sabine....
24/12/05 (14:33)
Sylwia Salmanowicz, Elite House, Poland

Hello Debbie, wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year with many success in showing, working and breeding with your dobes!!!....
25/11/05 (19:39)
Nightwish Dobermanns, Germany
Hi there, what a beautiful page you have! Really excellent. But more than your page i like your dogs!! you can be happy with such great dogs. All the best for the future.  http://www.godric.de....
16/11/05 (16:00)
Keyala, ESSEX UK
Best wishes....
11/11/05 (15:48)
Del Palazzo di SHANTA, FRANCE
Dear Debbie & Dean, I'm SO PROUD to be the "Official President of Mister HANK'S FAN CLUB!". You must make one SPECIAL PAGE about your HANSOME BOY!. ALL THE BEST for all of them and specially to my Hank! Your Friend Pat. Congratulations for all your super succes, your wonderful Dobs really deserve them!....
11/11/05 (08:41)
Nicoletta - Dinico - I
An excellent web site, it was not my first visit, but you had a lot of updates. You have very good dogs, especially I like you older lines...
06/11/05 (20:22)
Henk en Floor - van Altus a Duo -
Schildwolde/ Holland
Hi there! It was nice meeting you this weekend at our club. how did you do sunday at the show? we hope you had a safe trip home ( 9 hours pffff!!!) Tut with the iron teeth also says hi! (blink blink) love Henk (also a tank) & Floor...
31/10/05 (18:37)
Jill and Cliff (Lashmar - Sabre)-Harlow UK

Congratulations on your move (at last!). We wish you both and the doggie family, health and happiness and success in France...
28/10/05 (23:48)
Dave n Laura-Nytbonn Dobermanns-Durham UK

Great web site wish you the best in France, give all the Keyala family big kisses. See u soon. From Dave, Laura, Schnupps, Alina and Yula the Nytbonn Family XXX...
28/10/05 (21:48)
Del Palazzo di SHANTA, FRANCE
I'm so happy to know that i'm going to see you soon. Congratulations for your site and your Wobderful Dobbies!.
All my LOVE to My Big Favorite, Mister Hank who's really HANDSOME! Grosses bises. Pat & her Dob's Gang...
09/10/05 (08:55)
Mark Stevens,
Clarcie Dobermanns, Essex UK
Hiya Debbie and Dean wot a great looking site..and great dobes...
21/09/05 (23:23)
Monapolda, UK
Hi Debs, very nice site. Good luck for the future. ...
04/09/05 (20:51)
Geraint Eavns Rhian Lewis,
www.adamoci.com, Wales
Great site and super dogs, really liked your puppies from Sergie, so strong and full of bone.
We wish you the very best of luck. All at Adamoci...
17/08/05 (21:17)
UK Dobermann, UK

Nice bloodline and interesting website.
Best wishes from http:\\www.ukdobermann.com
08/08/05 (16:30)
Basile Kalamaras, Horama, Athens Greece

Hello, I think is great that you are trying to introduce the European Dob in UK. But realy, I think that you must conservate your older lines to. They will be precious for the genetic diversity of the breed. The website is beautiful.
22/07/05 (14:57)
Sini, Pori
, Finland
Hi there. You have very beautiful dobes and I really think that you should keep your breeding lines pure of the European lines that are all the same. It's really hard to find a perfect combination and still keep inbreeding percent low. Great job you have done!
09/07/05 (20:43)
Nice bloodline and interesting website. Best wishes from www.canineridellaguerra.com
16/06/05 (10:24)
Clare Tapply, 
Heldenburg, London
Haagen and Fredi and I - but especially Fredi! - really love your site
08/06/05 (00:11)
Jay & Martin, 
www.aritaur.co.uk, Staffordshire, UK
Hi Both, Web site looks good - particularly like Ice & Ursa's heads! :-) Well done in Europe, good fun isn't it. Glad it's working out well for you going to France.. We'll miss you when you go.  Thanks for signing our guestbook Dean.  See you soon  Cheers
30/05/05 (17:41)
Zu Schloss Burgk, Germany
Hi , you have nice dobs and the bloodline is very good ! The work with your dobs is great. I wish your and you dogs for the future all the best !
best greetings Kassandra , AMistad and Sabine
27/05/05 (18:20)
Nikolett Botragyi,
Hello, Congratulations on your excellent website. Your site is very nice! Your homepage are great and your dogs are beautiful. I hope everything is good with you and your doggies. I wish you all the best!
Regards from Hungary
22/05/05 (18:57)
Dave Mitchell,
Bosskat, UK
Hi Debs, nice site hope everything goes well with your latest puppies. You will start losing some of your energy after next weekend when you reach 40
05/05/05 (17:18)
Eirin, Q og Dis, Nor
You have some lovely dogs!
I wish you all the best for the future!
22/04/05 (18:38)
Mark Rutter-Gorleston,Norfolk-UK

Excellent site,great Dogs.
17/04/05 (22:25)
Wendy Burge-Jowendy Dobermanns-UK

Nice website Debbie and Dean, you have some lovely dogs at home, hope you do well with them.
14/04/05 (10:49)
Anna Mannila-Kennel Eroosion-Finland

Hello from Finland. Lovely site and LOVELY dogs! All the best for you!
12/04/05 (17:10)
Sheila Graham-Carlisle

Lovely Site, your dogs are stunning.
11/04/05 (21:14)
Lynne Jones-
Chippenham, Wiltshire
A really cracking website Deb - excellent photo's
11/04/05 (10:44)
Jill Campbell-Jillanjon Dobermanns-
East Lothian, Scotland
Great site Debbie!
11/04/05 (08:31)
Odette-Jimbaros-Sutton Surrey

Hi Debbie nice web site! good luck with your move.
10/04/05 (22:39)
Margaret Deuchar-Stanmore England

Great site easy to follow wonderful photos. Hope to see you in France.
10/04/05 (21:53)
Jean Quigley-Swnydwr Dobermanns-
South Wales
Seems like only yesterday you were in the ring with Bugsy and I had Mikey, those were the days. A very good website, all the best with your move Good Luck . Jean and Sue
10/04/05 (17:58)

10/04/05 (13:51)
Pam Thorne-
Kent UK
Very well put together site and easy to follow. Hope to meet you both/all one day. Goodluck for the future in all you do.
X big kiss from Khan
10/04/05 (13:44)
Enfield UK
10/04/05 (10:11)
Remaliah Dobermanns-UK
Hi Debbie & Dean, fantastic new site! Your dogs are a credit to you. Good luck on your move to France and for future success!!!
10/04/05 (07:24)
Elite House Dobermanns-Poland
Hello Debbie, a GREAT new site!!! Of course excellent dogs - especially Ice I love so much since I saw him the first time in Luxemburg 2003! Hope to see also your new princess soon on this site :))) Wish you all the best in show, sport and breeding and hope to see you soon - maybe in Tulln??
Best regards, Sylwia http://www.elite-house-dobermanns.com
09/04/05 (20:59)
wow much better website...goodluck all ready for france hey
08/04/05 (21:48)
Patricia Jackiewicz-
Boca Raton, Fl. USA
Enjoy looking at your site and passing this along to my daughters. Hope to see you in the States one day.
Good Luck.
07/04/05 (18:16)
Robin Wilson-http://www.home.zonnet.nl/

Hiya, about time at last. A warm looking site. Keep up the good work.
07/04/05 (12:30)
Yvonne & Simon-West Yorkshire, UK

New website is great, but not quite as great as your Dobes! Good luck in the future.
07/04/05 (11:57)
Sinead Taggart-Cooley-Dublin, Ireland

Hi Debs, The new site looks fab.Great pic of Ice. Look forward to meeting up at some European shows during the summer and look forward to picking your experienced brain on travelling to Europe with the dobes. Take care
07/04/05 (11:30)

Hi! I love the new design. Very nice. Looked through the dogs of the present, and discovered a very nice female - Rosie :) Congratulations to Ice and Ursula (that's how we wanted to call our girl originally :)) Daphne "says" 'Hi!' www.geocities.com/swhdaphne
07/04/05 (11:14)

keep up the winning ! dont forget me and a vallhund on an over seas show trip.
07/04/05 (11:13)
Ruth and Dave-Largs, Ayrshire

Great web site. Good luck for all your future plans.
07/04/05 (11:13)
Joanna Day-izumis sbt & gsd's-London England

Love the new site you have done so well with your beautiful dobes scotland seems so many years ago!! keep up the good work.
07/04/05 (10:36)
Jill and Cliff-Harlow

Excellent website - very professional by friendly. Must add that hydrotherapy is also run very professionally and has helped our own dog (not a Doberman) enormously. Wishing you both future success in all you do
07/04/05 (09:52)
Michele Ghedini-Gladio Nero Dobermann Kennel-Bologna Italy

Hi Debby !!!! Very nice HP and dobies !!! Ursa is growing very good !!! Give her a big kiss Ciao
07/04/05 (09:19)
Marica Cox-Martonburg -Hayes, Middx

Well done with Ice's recent win, good website, keep up the wins with Ice and gang.
07/04/05 (07:16)
Tatiana Chistilina-Filimamont-Moscow

Very beautiful site and very nice dobermanns! I wish you further success with your super dob-team at shows & sport!!
07/04/05 (07:04)
Jayne Crouch-Skyjeaneey Dobermanns-Wales

I like the new website, very interesting. Love the dogs especially Ice. Congrats on the wins and we wish you alot more success in 2005. visit us at www.skyjeaneeydobermanns.com and sign our guestbook
05/04/05 (22:54)

A very impressive and professional site!
Having met your dogs in their home environment it is clear beyond any question how loved and well cared for they are. Dobermanns have had bad press but yours are a credit to you and to their breed. Wishing you every success in the future.
05/04/05 (22:47)
James-Durins-East Sussex UK

04/04/05 (21:32)
Dave n Laura-Nytbonn Dobermanns-Durham UK

Hi Debbie and Dean
Great Web site, We would just like to thank you for breeding such a marvellous dog and we are so proud and honoured to own him you must carry on producing fabulous dogs and we wish you well for the future and lets hope we both have much success in the ring and trials Regards Dave N Laura Proud owners of (Schnupps) Keyalas Dream Machine at Nytbonn
22/03/05 (16:00)
Debble Gamble-Keyala Dobermanns-UK

Dean & myself welcome you to our new site.  We hope that you enjoy the visit and please feel free to share your comments in this guestbook