Hank was PTS at 11.5 years due to a cancerous tumor close to his spine which was affecting him walking and putting strain on his heart

03.03.2005 - 07.07.2016




VWD-Clear  HD-B+  PHPV-Clear
DCM tested Free Echo Doppler Jan 2016

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1st MPDog & BPD Belfast Ch Show
1st MPDog Northern Ireland Dobe Club
1st MPDog BPD, ResBPIS Dobermann Club
VP1 Puppy Class BEST PUPPY - Lausanne 2005
VP1 Best Puppy - Nantes 2005
VP1 Best Puppy. Res Best Puppy in Show, BLEISWIJK
Ex1 Best Puppy - IJSSELSHOW (Zwolle-Holland) 2005
Tb1 - ALENCON France 2005
Ex1 Best Junior - NIORT (France) 2006
3rd Special Puppy - CRUFTS 2006
Ex 1 Junior CAC - GOES (Holland) 2006
Ex Youth class - LUXEMBOURG 2006
Ex1 Junior - ARNHEM (Holland) June 2006
VG2 (youth) - Luxembourg Trophy Show July 2006
Ex2 Open ROTTERDAM (Holland) Aug 2006
Ex1 Int.DCF Regional Show (Pays de Loire Poitou) 2006
Ex1 Int. ALENCON (France)  Dec 2006
Ex1 Open CAC CACIB BOB -Leeuwarden (Holland) 2007
Ex3 Open DCF Champagne Ardenne Apr 07
ExA Open Class TAN DCF. National Elevage - Jun07
Ex1 Open CAC Meilleur de Race, Meilleur de Group 2, 4eme Meilleur de Expo MALTOT (France) Jul07
Ex1 Open ""Selectionee Championnat de Club"" DCF Bully Les Mines Sept07
Ex2 Open - Zwolle - Holland - Oct07
Ex2 open RCAC RCACIB - BLEISWIJK Holland Nov 07
Ex2 Open RCAC - LAVAL (France) Nov 07
Ex4 Open - ALICANTE (Spain) Int.Point Obligatoir 12/07
Ex1 Open CAC RCACIB - ALENCON (France) 12/07
Ex2 Open - WIJCHEN (Holland) 12/07
Ex1 Open - PARIS DOG SHOW 01/08
Ex - ZARAGOZA (Spain) Point Obligatoir 02/08
Ex1 CAC - VALLADOLID (Spain) Nat. 02/08
Ex2 Open RCAC - Luxembourg Int. Show 03/08
Ex3 Open - DCF Regionale 04/08
Ex Open class - IDC SWEDEN June 2008
Ex1 Open Class CAC CACIB Meilleur de Race Zwolle Int. Holland 09/08
Ex Open Class Gibraltar Int. Show 09/08 
Ex1 Open RCACIB BLEISWIJK Holland 11/08
Ex4 Open class - Luxembourg Int.Show 03/09
Ex2 Open Class RCAC  St.Brieuc Int.Show (France) 05/09
Ex Open - Spanish Championate Toledo (Madrid) Primavera RSCE 05/09
Ex2 Rotterdam Ahoy (Netherlands) 08/09
Ex1 CAC CACIB BOB ""DUTCH CHAMPION"" - Ijsselshow Zwolle - Holland
Ex4 Ch. Class - Luxembourg Int.Show 03/10
Ex1 Vet. "Luxembourg Veteran Champion" - Luxembourg Int. 3/13


Known as "Mr Hank" this young male is starting to show
all the "Top" Qualities of the Breed Substance with
elegance & character. Having CASU.Tan (French Working)
he is in training for "TC" ZTP & IPO. A dog with
outstanding character, who is proving himself both
in major shows & work. "A dog that Commands a
presence in the ring" Judges critique Mr Callejon
Dobermann Club of France 2007 Mante-la Jolie


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