Never a show dog due to his disease but the cheekiest naughtiest little Dobermann I have ever owned. Everybody loved him who had the pleasure to meet him. In the early weeks of his life I had so much heartache with him we never knew how long he would live, vets told me to PTS at 8 weeks old but I couldn't do it I wanted to try everything in my power to help him & I did.  He eventually got over the disease with huge amounts of medication steroids, antibiotics etc., but it had caused a lot of damage to his joints and bone structure, but he lived to our amazement a long and happy life until he was 10.5 years old.  Sadly I had to make the decision to PTS as he could no longer walk.

RIP my sweet little man KONRAD 20.01.2006 - 19.05.2016



This disease is something that I feel should be brought to the attention of all breeders who are unaware of it, in almost 20 years of breeding I have never come across anything like it...click here to read more




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