If you live in the UK , Ireland or Barbados and are interested in buying one of our puppies, please read the information on this page concerning the PET PASSPORT SCHEME I get asked several times a day many different questions concerning this, so I hope this page will have the answers to all your questions.

These are the "NEW RULES" set out by DEFRA starting 1st January 2012 for dogs entering UK & Ireland, this will also apply for Barbados as the puppy will depart from the UK.

At 8 weeks of age your puppy will receive its first vaccinations, microchip & PET PASSPORT.
At 12 weeks the puppy will receive 2nd vaccinations + Rabies vaccine.
21 days after the Rabies Vaccination your puppy is allowed to travel If you are buying a puppy from us I prefer the puppy stays with us until he/she can travel, in that time we will prepare the puppy for travelling, getting used to the car, socialising, house training & crate training (if required) and general socialisation.

For puppies to HONG KONG
All the above applies but you must wait 2 months after the Rabies vaccination.

For ALL other countries outside Europe

Your puppy cannot fly until he / she has had a Rabies vaccination, some airlines will let you travel between 8-10 weeks of age if the puppy travels with you as hand luggage, not cargo un accompanied, some airlines will also not take pets at certain times of year as it is to cold, but please check with Airlines as the rules do seem to change quite frequently.

We are also happy to keep puppies here from other breeders while waiting to travel but due to the fact all dogs live in the house space is limited but do please contact us as we do know other very reliable experienced people close to us who may be able to help you.

For more information on prices of our puppies, boarding fees, and terms & conditions please don't hesitate to contact us.