8th March 2008
Ist Open CC RBOB

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First ever UK Bred Champion with Working Titles

Brown male, Date of birth: 08/01/04

Vwd Clear
Eyes clear

Owned by: Mr & Mrs Wood in UK

11/07/04 S.W.K.A 3rd Mrs M Spavin M.P.D
    Crufts Qualification in first show 2004
18/07/04 Durham Co 1st B.P.I.B. Mrs W Steel M.P.D
22/07/04 East of England 2nd Mrs K Castles M.P.D
29/08/04 S.K.C 2nd Mr J Hedges M.P.D
18/09/04 Darlington2nd Mr J James M.P.D
19/09/04 N.E. Counties Do 4th Mrs E Drennan M.P.D 19/09/04 N.E. Counties Do VHC Mrs E Drennan Novice  14/10/04 Driffield1st Mrs S A Irving P.D.
17/10/04 Birmingham Do 4th Mrs W Burge P.D. 
17/10/04 Birmingham Do2nd Mrs W Burge Novice
09/01/05 Billingham open 2nd Mr J Farrell Graduate  21/01/05 Manchester 3rd Mr J Mcllroy Junior
    Crufts Qualification in first show 2005
06/02/05 SEEDC  4th Mr J Bispham Junior
06/02/05 SEEDC  1st Mr J Bispham Novice
18/02/05 Derwent OG BH Judge Aad Broekhuizen (Pass)
10/04/05 Nth Easten Counties  2nd Mre S Mycroft Junior 28/05/05 The Dobermann Club 1st Mr M Drennan Novice 28/05/05 The Dobermann Club 3rd Mr M Drennan Junior 29/05/05 Bath Championship  1st Mr Avi Marshak Junior 11/09/05 IDC Slavakia World championships  EXC V 17/09/05 Open Darlington  3rd Mr D Smith Yearling
24/09/05 Belfast  1st Mr J Crossley P.G
25/09/05 Nth, Ir Dobe  3rd MR. Robert Downie
13/10/05 S.Y Driffield  1st Mrs Leggit Yearling
03/12/05 AD Judge Andrew Winfrow (Only Male within U.K)
21/01/06 Manchester  2nd Mrs M Thompson Limit
26/03/06 VPG-1 (IPO-1) Judge Wolfgang Harmann (Pass)
20/07/06 East of England  3rd Mrs J Forshaw Limit
26/08/06 Scottish dobe  2nd Mrs L Glass limit SKC 27/08/06 1st RDCC Mr C Evans Limit
17/09/06 NECDS 1st CC RBIS Mr K Allison Limit



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